Dear OAP: A short powerful note to OAPs from Ronny G

Ronke Giwa-Onafuwa, the ever delectable radio diva on Splash FM, squeezed out time out of her busy schedule to pen a very short love letter to her colleagues and the general public today. In the short letter, Ronny G, as she is fondly called, drew from her years of experience to offer a golden advice on the subject of authenticity.

Below is the short letter from the desk of Ronke Giwa;

Dear OAP (or anyone really.)
When you find yourself doing the same thing everyone else is doing…
(because that’s what people in your community want to hear or that’s what your organisation compels you to do)
it becomes a battle of AUTHENTICITY. It stops being about ‘What’ you’re doing but ‘How’.You can do something that seems like everyone else is doing but don’t forget to do it with your signature twist to it. Be yourself. Be original. That’s how you stand out!#BroadcastTip #RadioHost #OnAirPersonality #AspiringRadioHosts #TedTalk

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