Arabinrin Rahmat of Inspiration FM Badges a New Marital Status

It is a new beginning of two coming together as one, as Arabinrin Kojola Rahmat of Inspiration 100.5 FM, Ibadan begins a new life journey with her best half, putting an end to spinsterood.

The pretty Ibadan based Yoruba radio personality, who just experienced a monumental shift in marital status wishes to now be addressed as Mrs. Rahmat Kajola Olanrewaju, although she hinted via her post that this is just the first part, so we believe other parts will come in due time.

Despite that fact, Arabinrin Rahmat has taken a bold step on her social media pages by declaring to the world, that she is ready to stay with her handsome motor dealer husband, promising him a forever union, till death do them apart.

Rahmat has in recent times added great value to the essence of media in Ibadan with her different Yoruba programs on Inspiration FM.

All of us at Primus Media rejoice with the new family and wish them eternal marital bliss.


    1. Barokallah fii

  1. Congratulations darling May Almighty bless your union

  2. Congratulations momma, Baraka llah feekum,May Allah bless the union

  3. Barakallahu fihi dear

  4. Congratulations darling sister and brother as you both join our league may Almighty Allah bless our unions Aameen.

  5. Congratulations big sis, may Allah bless your union.

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