Again, Agidigbo 88.7 FM Returns to Dominate the Airwaves of Oyo state, displaces SplashFM 105.5 in Ibadan

In a triumphant return to the top, in its 3rd year, Agidigbo 88.7 FM, chaired by the popular Broadcast journalist, Alhaji Oriyomi Hamzat has reclaimed the throne for the  second time in the charts and ratings in Oyo State according to the the Media Planning Service.

With a dramatic return to the top of the table, Agidigbo FM has once again displaced Splash FM 105.5 as the most listened radio station in Oyo State. 

Agidigbo FM’s return to the top spot marks a significant milestone in its history, as it continues to soar to new heights by proffering solutions to the needs of the masses, hence the nick name, the People’s Radio!

The MPS ratings have witnessed a surge in competitiveness, reflecting the dynamic landscape of radio broadcasting in the region as Agidigbo FM, Splash FM, Fresh FM, 32FM, Lagelu FM respectively emerged the top 5 radio stations in Oyo state.

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