5 New Generation: Male Yoruba Presenters taking over Ibadan Media

By Israel Babalola

The media industry has shown itself to be one of the largest and fastest growing industries in Nigeria. The more the industry grows, the more creative fingers it produces, particularly the Radio arm of the media.

Radio just got deeper, stronger and much more competitive; and as such, it requires the participation of the young learned ones.

As one generation goes, the other generation comes, just like an adage says, ‘only the modern dog can chase the modern rabbit.’ Radio has rebirthed young minds who are capable of exploring the true essence of radio without compromise. They’re nothing but the true flag bearers and game changers of radio.

Primus Media City, in her observation, has discovered 5 new generation male Yoruba presenters taking over Ibadan media. In no particular order, the presenters are listed below:


Olanrewaju Adewusi Opele-Oro (Thirty-two 94.9 FM)
Opele-Oro with the signature of ‘ELEPHANT SOLO’ is an eloquent Yoruba newscaster and broadcaster currently using his communication skills on the provided platform of Thirty-two 94.9 FM. Opele-Oro is indeed a wordsmith amidst the young broadcasting geniuses of the newly emerging generation. He is well grounded in the Yoruba culture and an advocate of modern fashion with a touch of culture which has led to his ‘ÒPÈLÈDÙRÁÀGÌ’ fashion brand. The one time Splash FM newscaster is a river of Yoruba idioms and proverbs for many in the industry. His Ìbàràpá dialect and dictions will always make more radio lovers engulfed with his presentations on radio. He has bagged for himself lots of recognitions in the industry.

Abiodun Adewole Mr. Double A (Splash 105.5 FM)
Mr. Double A is a top notch investigative broadcast journalist and newscaster. An advocate for social justice through investigative journalism, a mediator and a pacesetter of this generation. The reputable man has proven in many cases to be a dauntless Yoruba presenter, particularly in his widely spread programme, ‘Aditu’. ‘Aladitu of Aditu’ is well known for his critical and analytical investigative work, and, is being tagged as the saviour of the masses. His brilliant ideas in voice-overs and jingles makes him to be fondly called ‘Baba Fawaz’ and has given him an edge amidst his counterparts. Mr. Double A is an award winning broadcast journalist with lots of recognitions within the industry and beyond. The one time Lagelu 96.7 FM (radio sister of Splash FM) newscaster is the CEO/Online-Publisher of www.doubleaaxclusive.com and Double A Humanitarian Foundation in Ibadan.

Arugbo Boisi

Samuel Ibikunle Arugbo Boisi (Jamz 100.1 FM)
The pride of Ibadan, Arugbo Boisi as fondly called, is a fast rising seasoned motivational radio presenter. The “young-old” man, Arugbo Boisi’s soft voice will not make him less of an organic talent and fantastic radio presenter of the newly emerging generation. He is one of the fast growing OAPs who has, within a short period of time grown wings of programmes to various radio stations in Oyo, Ogun and Lagos States. His local Ibadan dialect and diction forms pleasant lullabies, particularly on his night program ‘Aroba Awon Akoni’ on Jamz 100.1 FM, Ibadan, to radio lovers and beyond. He is currently the Head of Yoruba Department at Oodua 90.9 FM, Broadcast Journalist at Splash 106.7 FM, Sweet 107.1 FM, and the Managing Director of Jbliss Arts. He is also a genius in photography. His love for Yoruba traditions makes him a custodian of the beautiful culture.


Adebayo Tiamiyu Sneh (Space 90.1 FM)
Sneh is an energetic radio presenter and an entertainment maestro. When you’re with Adebayo Tiamiyu on radio then it’s never a dull moment. What a ‘Fun-tertainment’ OAP! He is really a young, endowed radio presenter with the glorious future. His fast flow in his expression of words on radio will make you ‘Flabber-Whelmed’ and ‘Over-Filled’ particularly on his fully flagged entertainment show on radio. Obviously, Tiamiyu Adebayo will in no time become a light, set on the hill that cannot be hidden in the radio industry. He is an award winning broadcaster with recognitions.


Temitayo Oyeladun Abo-Oro (Lagelu 96.7 FM)
Abo-Oro is a young newscaster and radio presenter. He is a conscientious newscaster, who speedily gets better in his everyday task. He has in no time booked a space for himself in the broadcast industry. The University of Ibadan graduate has a unique style of playing on words and he is worth listening to any time, any day.


  1. Arugboboiz. His programs are educative. He’s good

  2. Samuel Ibikunle Arugbo-bois is one of the presenters whose words on Air are encapsulating, and if chances are available one can eat his words in place of his/her dinner.
    His Creative ways of Yoruba History dissemination are pleasant.
    Not forgetting his source,The way he praise himself on Air will make you think of being an Ibadan indigene if you are not one.
    I will always doff my cap for Samuel Ibikunle Arugbobois.

  3. Listening to Samuel Ibikunle Arugboboyz will definitely encapsulate your heart, touching down on histories, love and sweet words that hits the heart like Hard Rock on ice block is another strength

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