Yet-to-be-Named Ibadan OAP Receives Guinness World Records Approval to Set New Record

Yet-to-be-Named On-Air Personality (OAP) in the Brown roof city of Ibadan, capital of Oyo state has been granted approval by Guinness World Records to attempt and establish a new record under the title “Longest Continuous Radio Show”, as gathered by Primus Media City.

So far, Guinness World Records team has charged the OAP to adhere to the guidelines, including participants, stewards and witnesses, with their commitment to closely monitor the event.

As the countdown begins, Ibadan media industry and environs eagerly await the revelation of the identity and the extraordinary feat this OAP is poised to achieve.

The secrecy surrounding the OAP’s identity has only added to the anticipation. Stay connected as Primus unveils soon!

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