Yemi Sonde doled out 20,000 Naira each to attendees at YES FM inauguration


The new slogan was unveiled on Tuesday, 7th December, 2021 at exact 4:37pm at a meeting called by the Group Managing Director, Yemi Sonde Media Group and the proprietor of the latest radio in the city of Ibadan, YES! FM.

Mr Yemi Sonde who called for a meeting to officially announce the goodnews of YES! FM to all personnel on Yes Media Academy Radio, an arm of Yemi Sonde Media Group.

In his opening remarks, the Head of Productions, Mr Adedamola Ajiboye gave thanks to God Almighty for the advancement of the radio, he thanked the proprietor of the radio, Mr Yemi Sonde for solely financing the Academy radio for 1 year 6 months of the existence of the online radio, he thanked all the personnel that have contributed in one way or the other to progress of the radio since inception and prayed that God will reward everyone for all their acts.

The meeting had in attendance, Mr Yemi Sonde who is the proprietor of the newly licensed YES! FM, Elder Lere Shittu who is the Chief Consultant for the radio, Mr Kayode Joseph, Head of Academy, Mr Pekun Oloyede DJ Flexi B a renowned DJ, Presenter and Stations Manager of note in Nigeria and Mr Ajisafe of Sterling Bank.

In his remarks, Elder Lere Shittu congratulated the new radio owner and emphasized the need for professionalism for all broadcasters and aspiring broadcasters who wish to be on the platform of YES! FM, he reiterated the need for training and re-training for all radio personnel while he made it known in clear terms to YES MA RADIO personnel that transiting to YES FM will be based on merit and not by “man know man” also the need to be able to multi-task will be an added advantage.

Mr Pekun Oloyede gave his succinct description of the owner of the radio as a hardworking man who knows his onions and stands for professionalism in the broadcasting world, he complimented most of the words of Elder Lere Shittu which portrays merits for whoever will be on the FM.

Mr Ajisafe who is a finance expert also congratulated the proprietor of the new radio station and prayed for the progress of the radio, he disclosed his interest to also be a radio person and has undergone training as a public speaker.

The veteran broadcaster, Kayode Joseph who is also the Head of Yes Media Academy prayed for the success of the new radio station and buttressed the need for training and re-training which can be acquired at the Academy.

The latest member of Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria BON, Mr Yemi Sonde who was overwhelmed with joy in his heart disclosed some of the official information about the newly licenced YES! FM that has come to rule the world, he made it known that YES! FM will stand for professionalism while educating, informing and entertaining the people, he promised to always give out the best that he is known for.

He further announced the shutting down of YES MA RADIO for the main time which will now be solely manage by YES MEDIA ACADEMY to give room for the students of the academy to train and display their potentials, YES MA RADIO will be shut down on Friday, 10th December 2021 to commence transmission in January 2022 after operating for 1 year 6 months giving rooms for OAPs, Presenters, Newsacasters, Corps Members, Interns and media enthusiasts all over to develop and grow their broadcasting passion.

Mr Yemi Sonde appreciated all personnel on YES MA RADIO by hosting the event with sumptuous foods and drinks, in his philantropical acts, Jigan Akala gave everyone present at the meeting of over 60 a sum of Twenty Thousand Naira (#20,000) cash each and this amounted to over One Million Naira (#1,000,000), the money was extended to those that were not around for the meeting but have contributed to the progress of the radio.

He announced the duo of Mr Adedamola Ajiboye and Mr Olatunde Idowu as the pioneer staff of YES! FM and many others to be announced in due course.

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