Why I resigned as chairman of Jigawa Radio Corporation – Kaugama

The Chairman Jigawa State Radio Corporation, Alh. Lawal Jet Kaugama, has tendered his resignation with effect from Monday, April 18, citing alleged impunity by the Managing Director of the corporation.

In a letter written to the Secretary to the Government of Jigawa State, and made available to Blueprint, Monday, Alh. Kaugama said he had lost his initial enthusiasm in the job.

“I regret to formally inform you of my resignation as the Chairman of the Jigawa State Radio Corporation. The resignation is with immediate effect. My decision to quit is inevitable.

“My initial enthusiasm for taking this appointment from the beginning is lost. I can’t remain on a job for which I have lost motivation. I can’t afford to remain as Chairman in an atmosphere of indiscipline, disrespect and impunity by the MD of the Radio Station who disregards my Authority as head of the Board,” Kaugama wrote.

He added that it was impossible for him to continue with the job under the atmosphere of humiliation because the “MD breaches rules and guidelines at will” and resists his authority to hold him accountable.

Kaugama lamented that whenever he called a board meeting, the MD cancelled it unilaterally because he feels his position is superior to the chairman’s.

“Since he is not ready to accept my authority because he sees me as a threat to his impunity, I am not ready either to tolerate any more insubordination and humiliation from the MD.

“I’m not ready to stain my reputation or support impunity that may lead to the ultimate collapse of the Radio Station.”

Blueprint Newspaper

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