Thank you! for the platform…Fàájì 106.5 FM – Yemi Sonde

It was with glitz and glam that the Management, staffs and presenters of Daar Communications owners of AIT, Raypower Network and Fàájì 106.5 FM Lagos celebrated the Ace Broadcaster, Yẹmi Sonde.

The latest Radio Proprietor hosted them in a “Thank You”, signing off and pre-birthday celebration. The event was Chaired by the Managing Director Radio Services, Daar Communications, Dr Ambrose Somide and was well attended by top management staffs and radio big wigs.

In his words, Dr Ambrose Somide appreciates Yẹmi Sonde for been thoughtful of a gathering like this which is very rare among broadcasters in Nigeria, he further eulogized Yemi Sonde standing by the radio (Fàájì FM) for the past nine years of its existence, he thanked him for his dedication to Programmes and his passion for the Broadcasting Industry.

He specially commended his stands for professionalism, training and retraining which led to his collaboration with the NBC. Ambrose Somide prayed for Yemi Sonde and the newly established Yes FM Ibadan.

Several Goodwill messages came from colleagues in the Broadcasting Industry such as Apostle Taiwo Akinsola (Ọmọ Baba Woli ni’Ilasamaja), Alhaji Taiwo Àlàbí Afadapakuro, Alhaji Sulaiman Adegbenro Consoligbadun, Alhaji Abiodun Oropo, Engr Dr Taiwo Kadri, Taiwo Olugbemi Bejiwa, Sọji Omotayo, Wale Omotola, Ìyá Princess, Aremo Banjo Ojedeji and many others who said their goodwill messages to the media icon.

The event which was tagged as a pace setting gathering made all attendees reffered to Yemi Sonde as a pace setter and trail blazer.

Reacting to the goodwill messages and the encomium showered on him by friends and colleagues,Yemi Sonde in his usual way gave thanks to God, his parents and late Boss, Toba Opaleye for the feats achieved so far.

He emphasized his mantra; Collaboration! not competition, he explained the reasons behind the “Thank You” gathering as his own way of moving forward to another level which should serve as lessons for all, that wherever you are or have been should be a place you leave peacefully and be able to check-in at will.

Yemi Sonde presented an award of “Thank You for the platform” to the management and also officially pronounced the frequency dial of Yes FM.

The event held at Fàájì FM Alagbado premises, with DJ Maxwell on the Wheel of steel, and Dan Kano behind the microphone.

Also in attendance were Alhaji Akeem Oyebanji Enudunjuyo, Bashiru Adisa Bàbá Gboin, High Chief Abbey Fagboro, Abdul Yomi Mate Ifankaleluya, Seun Agboola, Abass Adefulu, Babayunkeyunke, and a host of others. The event was covered by Progress Smile Media.

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