Social media knocks for Tinubu’s spokesman over comment on protests

Spokesman for President Bola Ahmed Timibu, Bayo Onanuga, has come under knocks after he claimed opposition parties are responsible for instigating mass protest to undermine the government.

Onanuga on Monday tweeted a statement by the spokesman of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Felix Morka reacting to protests in Minna and Kano.

He stated that the protests are being carried out to put the current administration in a negative light.

“In its arrant desperation to portray the All Progressives Congress (APC)-led administration as under-performing, opposition parties have resorted to instigating unsuspecting young people to protests in the streets of some major cities,” Morka said.

“The protests in Minna and Kano earlier today were the manifestation of this devious and unpatriotic plot. That the protests happened simultaneously in both cities is not coincidental.

“It bears a bold stamp of an orchestrated and coordinated effort to instigate unrest and undermine the government. This mercenary opposition tactic is a clear and present threat to public peace and national security.”

However, Onanuga’s tweet did not go down well with most people on social media, as they criticized him for trying to defend the present government despite the economic hardship in the country.

One X user named, Viva XY, wrote: “It would be better that the issues that led to the protest are addressed rather than focusing on who instigated them.

“If the issues are addressed, the instigators wouldn’t see any loopholes to use in justifying their instigation.”

Kelvin Novo said: ”You guys are underperforming. Can’t you even see that even your own supporters are even crying, too?

“If you guys care about Nigerians, the issues for the planned protest need to be tackled. Apc did it against Jonathan in 2015. So embrace it too.”

Another X user known only as Concerned Citizen, urged Onanuga to inform President Tinubu to address Nigerians concerning the hardship in the country.

“Tell your principal to come out and address Nigerians. Stop the blame game.

“He needs to speak to people DIRECTLY explaining the process, limitations and managing expectations.

“He should be the chief marketer of his policies IF he believes in them AND if he’s fully in charge.

Ogbeni Abiodun described the ruling All Progress Congress (APC) a failure.

“I couldn’t even go past the first paragraph. APC is such a failure man, imagine protesting against hardship and being called unpatriotic.”

One Enr. Demola backed those carrying out protest, positing it is their right.

“Nigerians have the right to protest, if the government wants to curb it they should sit up and address the lingering issues. Government must in the short term bring down food inflation and address the issues of insecurity.”


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