SMEDAN Director Urges Small Businesses to use Social Media Platforms for Expansion

In a bid to address unemployment challenges in Nigeria, the Director General of the Small Medium Enterprises Agency of Nigeria (SMEDAN), Charles Odii, has emphasized the importance of small businesses harnessing social media platforms for expansion.

Speaking during the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA), Odii highlighted the potential impact of digital skills on the country’s vast array of over 40 million small businesses.

“Imagine each of the 40 million small businesses equipped with digital skills, enabling them to employ at least 5 people. The opportunities are immense,” he stated, underscoring the transformative power of leveraging social media for business growth.

Advising small business owners to embrace digital platforms, Odii remarked, “Right now, any small business person not taking advantage of digital platforms should be caning himself.” He emphasized the need for SMEs to use social media not only for business expansion but also for generating revenue.

Acknowledging the significance of formalizing small businesses, Odii explained, “We want to help formalize our small businesses, identifying who they are and understanding their challenges. This enables us to tailor solutions promptly and effectively.”

Drawing attention to the positive impact of government interventions, Odii highlighted the recent availability of geometric power in Aba. He emphasized the potential to utilize such interventions to profile small businesses in need of digital services, ultimately boosting production and reducing operational costs.

In conclusion, Odii stressed the importance of leveraging technology to propel small businesses forward, signaling a strategic approach by SMEDAN to empower SMEs across the nation.

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