Second hardship allowance in less than 6 months: Afouda Samuel hails 32FM

Afouda Samuel, a Broadcaster at 32FM radio station in Ibadan, capital of Oyo, has expressed his appreciation to the station’s management for providing hardship allowances to staff.

Afouda Babaagbalagba as fondly called, who has worked in the radio industry for 15 years, said that he has never seen a radio station that takes the welfare of its staff as seriously as 32FM.

“It was a shock when we got the first hardship allowance earlier this year,” Samuel said. “And today, we got another shocker, even bigger than the initial one. In the words of our chairman, it’s just a mark of support from the station, even though the station too is challenged.”

Afouda said that the hardship allowances have come at a time when many people in Nigeria are struggling financially due to the economic crisis.

“This may not be strange to people in other industries,” he said, “but it is strange in mine. Ours is an industry where CEOs owing 4 month salaries are hosting house warming parties.”

Samuel concluded by saying that he is grateful to the chairman of 32FM, Mr. Tunji Abioye, and the management for their thoughtful and timely move.

“It is well appreciated!” he said. “Long live 32FM!”

The hardship allowance gesture by 32FM is a welcome gesture at a time when many people are struggling financially. The station’s management is to be commended for taking the welfare of its staff seriously.

Afouda Samuel Esq is a popular media-prenuer in the Southwest part of Nigeria and former Brand Curator of 32fm. He’s the founder of Primus Media City Limited, a media company based in Ibadan.

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