Save TV from extinction, BON begs NBC

The Broadcasting Organisation of Nigeria has rejected the planned sale of the 600MHz spectrum band exclusively allocated to broadcasting in the country.

The rejection was conveyed in a letter to the Director-General of the National Broadcasting Commission by the Executive Secretary of BON, Yemisi Bamgbose. The letter, titled, ‘An Urgent Call to NBC to Save Television Broadcasting from Extermination’, called on the NBC to take the required legal steps to prevent the sale of the spectrum band until after the completion of the Digital Switchover, as stipulated by the International Telecommunications Union, and as stated in the Federal Government White Paper on digitisation.

Bangbose said, “Our attention has been drawn to an advertisement placed by the NCC, titled ‘Availability of Frequency Slots in the 600 MHz Spectrum Band’, published on March 23, 2023.

“In the said advertisement, the NCC brought notice to the general public on the availability of frequency slots in the 600MHz spectrum band for sale. The advertisement further stated that submission of interest closes on or before the close of business on April 28, 2023.

“Director General, sir, if this sale of the primary spectrum allocated to broadcasting is allowed to happen, all television stations operating on frequency 600MHz will be affected negatively.”

He added that if the proposed sale of the spectrum by NCC went ahead, it would leave the country’s broadcast space open for unhindered penetration by foreign media organs, which will have negative consequences.

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