Radio Nigeria Wins NMNA Awards

Radio Nigeria has received remarkable accolades at the 17th Nigeria Media Nite-Out Award. Their achievements in winning the ‘Best Radio Station of the Year,’ ‘Friendly Radio Station of the Year,’ and ‘Best Reporter of the Year’ awards highlight their unwavering commitment to excellence and their noteworthy contributions to the world of broadcasting. These awards underscore their significant impact and recognition within the industry.

Bond FM’s fourth-time win of the ‘Best Radio Station of the Year Award’ is a testament to their consistent excellence and their enduring dedication to delivering top-notch radio content. We extend our heartfelt congratulations to Bond FM for their impressive track record at the Nigeria Media Nite-Out Awards.

Princess Adenike Adegoke, the General Manager of Bond FM, has demonstrated a strong commitment to promoting indigenous content through broadcasting. Their dedication to this cause reaffirms their commitment to excellence in the radio broadcasting field. Bond FM’s ongoing efforts to support indigenous content are commendable and represent a positive step for both the industry and the community they serve.

The recognition of Premier FM as the ‘Friendly Radio Station of the Year’ is a significant milestone. It’s truly gratifying to see their commitment to being a friendly and community-focused radio station acknowledged. We extend our congratulations to Zonal Director Dominic Mokikan and General Manager Adedamola Tinubu for their contributions to this achievement. This award highlights their dedication to creating a positive and inclusive radio experience for their audience.

Minister of State for Defense, Bello Mattawale, has rightly emphasized the importance of collaboration with security agencies to combat fake news and unverified information. In the context of the fight against insurgency, addressing misinformation is vital for national security and public trust. Working together is essential to ensure accurate and responsible reporting, especially in sensitive matters like national defense and security.

It’s reassuring to hear Minister Matawalle reaffirming the federal government’s commitment to countering insurgency and addressing security challenges in Nigeria. National security remains a top priority. Additionally, the comprehensive recommendations made by Chairman Otunba Bimbo Ashiru, represented by Victor Ayetoro, cover critical aspects of Nigeria’s development. These include self-sufficiency in food production, quality education, healthcare, workforce development, anti-corruption measures, energy sector reforms, and foreign direct investments—key components for fostering sustainable development and progress in the country.

The well-attended event, graced by a diverse group of participants, including government officials, industry leaders, and both active and retired Media Executives, underscores its significance in the media and business sectors. The presence of prominent figures like Prince Adeyinka Amosu, a former Director of Lagos Operations at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, highlights the importance of such gatherings for networking, discussions, and the recognition of achievements in the industry.

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