Pastor Dexter Akin-Alamu of Dexter TV mercilessly dragged online for Alleged Salary failures

Pastor Dexter Akin-Alamu of Dexterity Group was mercilessly dragged on social media platforms on Monday for salary failure after the multiple circulation of the group’s job vacancy on and off social media.

One Ayo Emmanuel of Wells Radio who claimed to have worked for the group explicitly stated how Pastor Akin-Alamu failed to pay many of those who worked for him some years back. This claim was however backed by a pictorial evidence showing the outstanding amount the owner of Dexterity Group is owning him.

Emmanuel said, “Wickedness lives in the heart of Men. I saw this Facebook post this afternoon and it brought back unpleasant memories. Imagine Dexter Akin Alamu @thisispeedee recruiting again after refusing to pay those who worked for him some years back myself inclusive. Years down the line, he hasn’t said a word yet he has the enfrontary .

“This man is up to confuse young and innocent creatives into his web and toxic system. If you like yourself don’t dare it! Check slide for details of how much he’s oweing me, remember I said he’s not owing me alone. If you know him, tell him I said he’s a wicked man. He should grow up and stop blocking and deleting comments on his pages. A word is enough for the wise. Please pardon my errors, I typed this angryly. I can’t stand this wicked man do this to innocent people.” He concluded.

Meanwhile, Pastor Akin-Alamu, the owner of the group has reacted to this widely spread story from the table of the Dexterity group, giving a strong caution to the general public and to debunk such fake news.

The statement reads:

My attention has been drawn to some social media stories making the rounds claiming that I am owing people salaries, whilst I do not normally give attention to attempt to emotionally blackmail my person as a Pastor who also has business interest, I think it important to state the facts clearly for the sake of my personal integrity and the many people who never investigate a story but just jump on any bandwagon that seems interesting –

  1. I do not and have never personally hired any staff that I have not paid their salary. The organization that I head presently has over 20 staff and we do not owe any single one of them any salary.
  2. Any person claiming that I owe them salaries was never employed by me but another company of which I was a Shareholder and was not the CEO. This was clear in employment contracts issued.
  3. Even though I am not personally liable for a company’s debt I have at various times for the sake of my personal integrity engaged on the people being owed by this company and told them that if they will give me time I will do my best to pay all this people and have already bent over backwards many times to my personal detriment paid off some of them with my personal funds.
    Over the years I have shown my unwavering commitment to empower young people and have continually contributed my quota to the the economic empowerment of our dear city and beyond. The church I pastor is presently giving free vocational training to over 4000 youths in the city and have created a fund to help some of them get started in business. This is what we do and will continue to do n the furtherance of our vision to empower lives and transform our community and will continue to resist every attempt to emotionally blackmail my person.

My legal team is presently looking at this case and will take any established case of libel seriously. I thank you all for your continuous support over the years.

Despite the strong warnings contained in the letter, many Nigerians, many of who claimed to have had a contact and a similar experience of deprivation from the clergy man, have refused to be silenced, as they keep dragging the clergy man with several unprintable words on social media.

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