Oyo FIBAN Fusses on Insecurity in Ibadan, Decry Murder of OAP Titus Badejo.

The Chairman, Oyo State Chapter of Freelance and Independent Broadcasters Association of Nigeria, Comrade Seun Awodele has raised concern over the state of insecurity and unnecessary killings in the country most especially in Ibadan land as the recent killing of a broadcaster of repute in person of Titus Badejo known as ‘Eja nla’ came as a rude shock.

According to the release through his media aide, ” we are worried over the unpleasant killing within our City , State and the Nation. We are saddened over the killing of our beloved brother, Titus Badejo by unknown gunmen within Ibadan, the capital of Oyo State. This is too much for us to bear.

“The main responsibility of government is to protect life and property. As content providers, we are dedicated to lightening the burden of the citizens by providing cushion relief through our quality broadcasts, so why should we be victims of assassination ?”

According to the release, Comrade Seun Awodele sympatised with the family of the deceased and also admonished members of FIBAN to be extra careful of their movement pending the time that the government will be able to provide lasting solutions to this security menace.

While calling on the police and security agencies to investigate the killing and make public their findings , he recalled his experience along premier hotel road where he narrowly escaped robbery attack few weeks ago and charge the government to do the needful on the security architecture of the State he concluded.

Titus Badejo will be highly missed in the broadcasting industry.

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