Outrage in Ibadan over Obscene Billboards: Stakeholders challenge regulatory bodies!

Some strange billboards surfaced over the last few days in Ibadan, particularly around Bodija and Ring Road in the capital city of Oyo state. And it has generated a lot of condemnations on and off social media from well meaning residents of the city. The billboards contained a giant full coloured picture of an unclad woman’s bossom, and they were strategically placed on the ever busy Bodija and Ring road area.

Many well meaning people have taken to their social media handles to condemn it and as well challenge the concerned bodies, Advertising Practitioners Council of Nigeria APCON and Oyo State Signage Agency OYSSA of their lackadaisical attitude and negligence to have allowed such obscenity displayed publicly in the name of advertisement.

Not long after the post and the reactions it generated, the offensive billboards were quickly pulled down, but or before some APCON members commented on the posts and promised prompt intervention.

Thereafter popular Journalist and Public Relations expert, Rotimi Ige of Nigerian Tribune published a post to inform the general public of the development and apologised to all those who felt offended.

Prominent among those who called out the concerned bodies are OAP Michael Olatunbosun of Splash FM and a certain Opeyemi Ojabanjo-Lawal. Micheal Olatunbosun via his twitter handle called on concerned bodies to wake up to their essence of establishment after their failure to properly regulate and screen the advertisement.

He further stated that reasons were given why the adverts were erroneously displayed and assurances were given to avoid future occurrence.

He then went ahead to appreciate all those who spoke up to correct the anomaly.

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