Media Professionals Urged to Revive Investigative Journalism

A professor of journalism and media studies has urged media practitioners in Nigeria to revive investigative journalism to combat corruption and hold the government accountable.

Prof. Andrew Ate of Edo State University, Uzairue, made the call in a lecture titled “From Gatekeeping to Gatewatching: Who and What Killed Investigative Journalism in Nigeria?”

He noted that investigative journalism is essential in any democracy, especially in addressing corruption. However, he expressed concern that it is facing extinction in Nigeria due to factors such as the rise of social media and the increasing control of the news agenda by powerful interests.

Ate commended journalists who have continued to do investigative work despite the challenges, and urged them to continue to do so. He also called on media organizations to invest in investigative journalism and provide journalists with the resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

The vice chancellor of the university, Prof. Emmanuel Aluyor, described the lecture as crucial, saying it reflects on the media profession and the practice of investigative journalism. He highlighted the significance of inaugural lectures in the academic calendar, as they enable the university to acknowledge the intellectual achievements within the academic community.

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