Learn and Earn: Welcome to The New Primus Media Academy!

For the first time in the history of Media Academies in Nigeria and in Africa, Primus Media Academy is ready to set the pace once again as the first ever Academy to adopt the Learn and Earn Method of Training.

With this new system, members of the Academy will not just be trained, there is also opportunity to be engaged and paid, once their induction training is concluded. We strongly believe learning should be a continiuum, and that effective learning is best achieved through practicals and active mentorship.

Therefore, interested prospective members will be taken through a 6 week- Full Time or 12 week Part Time induction programme, after which they will be inducted into the Primus Media Academy. Members of the Academy will undergo continuous trainings, in form of seminars, workshops, hangouts, online interactive sessions, among others. They will also be connected to an established media Organization for internship and get mentored by active seasoned Practitioners. Thereafter, they will be actively and professionally engaged by the Academy to practice what they’ve learnt and get paid for rendered services.

In addition to this highly innovative learning system, there are several strategic fun and creative activities that have been put in place, to help achieve our set goals of building a successful media career, curating top notch media contents and building a family for all members of the Academy!

Our fees are reasonable and flexible as ever, and our commitment to bringing the best out of all our members remain unmatched.

Therefore, welcome to the New Primus Media Academy, where men are forged into gods!

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