Ibadan Media Award: Primus Media City Unveils 25 Award Categories

On the 5th of September 2021, Primus Media City announced the maiden edition of Primus Media Awards in celebration of her 3rd anniversary. We are indeed very grateful for the warm reception and the support that greeted the announcement of the award project.

In furtherance of the project, we are pleased to announce the 25 categories that will be awarded at this year’s event. For the sake of clarity we have divided the 25 categories into three broad classes; the Individual, the Station and the Influence class.

For the Individual class, we have 16 categories of award and they are; Most Creative, Most Eloquent, Most Resourceful, Most Versatile, Most Impactful, Most Entertaining Presenter, Best indigenous Presenter, Best Entertainment Presenter, Best Political Presenter, Best Sports Presenter and the Best Relationship/Lifestyle Presenter. Others are; Best Newscaster (English), Best Newscaster (Yoruba), Best Use of Social Media, Most listened to programme of the Year and lastly the Presenter of the Year category, which is the Star Category.

For the Station Class, we have just 4 categories in all. They are; Most Followed Station, Most Improved Station, Most Professional Station and the Most Youth Friendly Station

The last class of awards, dubbed the Influence Class has 5 categories, and they include; Most Popular English Language Presenter (Male), Most Popular English Language Presenter (Female), Most Popular Indigenous Language Presenter (Male), Most Popular Indigenous Language Presenter (Female) and lastly the Most Popular Radio Station.

We are pleased to let you know that all the 27 functional radio stations in the city of Ibadan have received their nomination forms, which they are expected to fill and submit on or before the 30th of September.

Likewise the list of our 50 man jury is being concluded and will be made public in the next few days. It is also pertinent to note that only the 5 categories of Award under the influence class will be determined through voting, all others shall be determined by the Jury. Further details on the selection and voting process shall be duly announced in our subsequent releases.

Kindly visit our social media pages for a more detailed breakdown of each of the 25 categories announced.

Please be reminded that we are open to partnerships, collaborations and sponsorships by all as we birth this strategic project designed to ensure a professionally secure media and treasure to humanity.

For further details, kindly reach us on our social media platforms @primusmediacity; via our email: primusmediacity@gmail.com or call us on 08162746129.

Thank you.

Afouda Samuel
(Project Coordinator)

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