Fresh FM OAP, Arojinle Offers N100,000 Reward for Proof on Yorùbá Term for Tiger (See Reactions)

In a bold move, Iskilu Mustapha, well known as “Arojinle”, a popular broadcaster at Fresh FM Nigeria, has decided to challenge a linguistic debate by offering a whopping sum of 100,000 Naira to anyone who can provide concrete evidence that the Yorùbá term for “Tiger” is indeed “ekùn.”

Taking to social media, Arojinle, known for his well researched work and opinions, issued the challenge, vowing to back his claims with his hard-earned money.

According to the post, “”Since some people still want to argue, I will give 100,000 to anyone who can prove that Tiger is ekùn in Yorùbá. This is a public post and I am willing to put my money where my mouth is. Leopard is ękùn. If you have contradictory evidence, bring it and make money

While the term for “Tiger” is widely accepted as “ękùn” in the Yorùbá dialect, Arojinle boldly argued that the term for “Leopard” is “ękùn,” contrary to popular belief. Seeking to put the debate to rest, he invited individuals with contradictory evidence to present their case and potentially earn a handsome reward.

Arojinle’s decision to attach a monetary reward to the challenge has added an extra layer of excitement and anticipation. The broadcaster’s willingness to “put his money where his mouth is” has generated widespread curiosity, pushing both Yorùbá language enthusiasts and skeptics to rally in search of undeniable evidence that could potentially debunk or affirm his claim.

The debate over the Yorùbá term for “Tiger” continues to capture the public’s attention, with the promise of a substantial cash reward fueling the determination of those who aim to challenge Arojinle’s stance.

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