Dr. Kola Ladoke on Study leave, Embarks on International Journey to Enhance Radio Expertise!

Honor FM listeners were left wondering about the absence of their beloved radio personality, Kola Ladoke PhD., from their daily airwaves.

Dr. Ladoke has embarked on a transformative journey of knowledge and growth, jetting off to the United States of America to participate in a prestigious management course.

As one of the most revered voices on Honor FM, Dr. Ladoke has captivated audiences with his incredible insights, engaging discussions, and lively debates. The sudden void created by his absence sparked curiosity among fans, who eagerly tuned in each day, eagerly waiting to hear his familiar voice.

According to report gathered my Primus Media, Dr. Kola Ladoke remains an integral part of the Honor FM team as the COO. While his study leave in the United States allows him to enhance his management skills, he continues to contribute his expertise and unwavering commitment to the station’s success. It was also stated that other staff of Honor FM will at one point or the other go on a training session as well.

So, radio fans, rest assured that your favorite radio personality is on an incredible journey of growth and learning. Dr. Kola Ladoke’s temporary absence on radio is merely a sign of his commitment to delivering unparalleled content and elevating the radio experience for all Honor FM listeners.

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