Dear Radio Station GM – Kenny Ogunmiloro pens an open letter to General Managers

The popular Fresh FM Ibadan Sport presenter, Kenny Ogunmiloro penned an open letter to Radio station General Managers addressing the need to be more creative in the industry, and to stopping the use of one presenter to handle different programs as such destroys the the brand of the OAP.

The statement reads;

”Dear Radio Stations GM, can we talk about this as we enter year 2021? To the general public and radio listeners, this is open up for a debate as well. Radio stations that are using one presenter to handle different programs are destroying the brand of the OAP, while I understand the importance of versatility and multi-tasking as a major tool to be a big force to reckon with in this highly competitive and saturated industry, makes you more employable and ultimately helps these stations directly to cutting costs, I sincerely think they are not helping the presenters.

“You can handle a sports program with different scopes on a radio station but handling a sports show + health program + current affair + religious program will only make you a jack of all trades, master of none Check out the list of the biggest OAPs(Past or present), most of them were/are known for a particular course.

“Larry Izamoje was/is a legendary sportcaster Daddy Freeze is known for entertainment Edmund Obilo left Sports for political program(he could have combined the 2 if he wanted) Isaac Brown is known for political programs Kenny Ogunmiloro is known for Sports,my first day on the TV, i was a yoruba Sport analyst. I could have combined the 2 but I chose the path of the English presentation Alh. Kola Olootu is known for his story telling and entertainers interviews on his programs If you mention iriri aye program, may God bless the soul of late Kola Olawuyi. He was unrivaled EOB is known for his comedy on radio and how he praises God on his programs The list is endless At the mention of these names, it would be easy for you to link their names with what they do on the radio.

“Dear fellow OAPs, don’t let anybody exhaust your talents because of the peanut they are paying you. Build a brand for yourself, work hard on your brand and climb to the top Enough is enough, stay glued to your strong area. No matter how good you think you are, you cannot be good in all the areas your radio station is forcing on you or you are forcing on your audience. There must a certain area you are so fantastic.

“The most unfortunate part is that it is even some OAPs that tells their stations they can do many things all in the name of trying to impress the station manager, you are not only burning out, the more you speak on radio anchoring many programs the more boring you are becoming. There is a whole lot of dignity when your audience cant wait to hear your voice, compare to when you come on radio every hour, every day. You don’t need all the minutes on radio to be relevant As we go into 2021, somethings must change. One of them is what I just highlighted here. Let’s be more creative on radio rather than becoming boring to our audience

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