Caution Advised for Young People Regarding Deceptive Social Media Influencers

Toastmasters, a non-profit educational organization, has issued a warning to young individuals, urging them to exercise caution when encountering social media influencers who may be misleading.

During the passing of the baton ceremony for the Learntor Toastmasters club in Lagos, Mrs. Mercy George-Igbafe, a member of the club, addressed reporters on the topic of ‘The Power of Influence.’

Expressing concern, George-Igbafe, the former president of Learntor Toastmasters, lamented the misuse of social media as a platform for disseminating false narratives and misleading young audiences.

“Some influencers portray themselves as someone they are not, causing confusion among impressionable youth who believe their fa├žade. Years later, these young individuals regret following their lead. Such influencers have caused immense harm through their use of social media,” she cautioned.

However, she acknowledged that the misuse of influence arises from a lack of understanding about its proper application. Consequently, she stressed the importance of clubs encouraging individuals to use their influence wisely.

“It is our responsibility and a call to action to ensure that our stories hold value. Sharing your truth can save someone who may be contemplating suicide. Leadership, my friends, is not limited to formal titles or positions of authority. It extends beyond personal achievements; it involves fostering a culture of excellence that permeates all aspects of life.”

“We can influence those around us positively, creating a significant impact on our communities and beyond. We can uplift, empower, and motivate others through sharing knowledge, offering assistance, or providing kind words,” she added. She further encouraged the new executives of the club to make the most of their tenure for the betterment of those they serve.

“As I hand over the responsibilities to the next set of executives, I am confident that they will build upon the foundations we have established together and enhance the current framework,” she remarked.

During the event, Morayo Afolabi Brown, the guest speaker and host of the television program ‘Your View’ on Television Continental (TVC), emphasized the importance of assuming responsibility.

“Influencing entails responsibility. It is challenging to determine who is influencing us in the right direction. Whether we like it or not, we are social beings, and various factors influence us. We must learn to discern amidst the vast sea of information,” she concluded.

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