Association Calls for NBC Action Against 32 FM Ibadan for Inappropriate Broadcast

The Society of Nigerian Broadcasters, Ogun State Chapter, has urged the Nigerian Broadcasting Commission (NBC) to take action against 32FM Ibadan for airing explicit content during one of its broadcasts.

In an official statement, the association expressed deep concern over the circulated video, describing it as offensive and contrary to moral values.

The video features a female presenter promoting a male sex toy (dildo) and engaging in explicit discussions about sexual activities.

The association raises questions about the NBC’s licensing process, questioning if due diligence was followed and whether the station’s owners/operators are familiar with cultural norms.

Additionally, they question the professionalism and experience of the station’s management and staff.

The broadcast is criticized for violating NBC Code 1.13.6, which prohibits obscene content. The association calls on the NBC to address the situation promptly to prevent further harm to the broadcasting industry and society at large, emphasizing the importance of upholding ethical standards outlined in Code 3.8.1a.

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