Afees Muhammed Cantona joins Success FM as his Trainees Secure Major Radio Deal

Afees Muhammed Cantona, the team lead of the Afees Muhammed Cantona Foundation, has joined Success FM Ibadan, marking a significant milestone for both him and the newly established radio station.

Meanwhile, five outstanding talents nurtured under the foundation are set to make waves in the media industry in January.

Lukuman Mubarak is set to join Adanimogo Ibadan, Waris Balelayo is gearing up for an exciting venture with Jamz FM, and Afees Sport Hunter recently joined SuperFM, showcasing the foundation’s commitment to cultivating top-tier talents in sports broadcasting. Additionally, Opeyemi Orokunbi is poised to make her mark at Melody FM Ibadan in January.

These career advancements underscore the foundation’s dedication to nurturing talent and fostering growth within the media landscape.

As these individuals embark on their new journeys, they carry with them the knowledge and skills instilled by the Afees Muhammed Cantona Foundation, further solidifying their positions as industry contenders.

Congratulations to the visionary team lead, Afees Mohammed Cantona, for this remarkable achievement!

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