Adeshina Osho Bids Farewell After Eleven Months with Soul FM

In an incredible journey spanning eleven months, Adeshina ‘El-Drizzle’ Osho bids a fond farewell to Soul 95.7 FM.

The versatile broadcaster embarked on an inspiring trajectory, evolving from a freelance On-Air Personality to the iconic voice that resonated through mornings, afternoons, and nights.

Starting as a freelance OAP, El-Drizzle quickly ascended, hosting DriveTime shows and adding a Lunch Hour Show. His journey reached new heights as the charismatic Morning Show Host, where millions began their day with his engaging Newspaper Review and Breakfast Show elements. Transitioning to newscasting, El-Drizzle skillfully edited and cast news twice every weekday.

After 11 months El-Drizzle has decided to close this chapter, expressing gratitude for the invaluable experience gained. From presenting and creating shows to producing and overseeing programs, the knowledge amassed is described as prestigious. Human relationship skills were honed, becoming a noteworthy addition to his skills on his CV.

Expressing gratitude to friends and listeners, El-Drizzle acknowledges their role in making his voice a staple worth listening to. With optimism and a nod to divine grace, he looks forward to greater heights in the ‘next step’ of his journey.

In a parting message, El-Drizzle encourages everyone to own the exclusive right to their happiness, urging love for God, His people, and living at peace with everyone. The announcement of his next destination remains a suspenseful moment, leaving listeners curious about his next adventure.

As the curtains fall on this chapter, Adeshina ‘El-Drizzle’ Osho signs off with a cheerful reminder of his moniker, “They call me GREATNESS! The Blessed Child; You can call me El-Drizzle, I am your Super-duper Radio Step-brother, Always here, to please you!!!”

Cheers to El-Drizzle’s memorable journey and anticipation for the exciting ‘next step’ in his career.

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