6 Types of Radio Stations You Should Reject If They Call You|Kenny Ogunmiloro


  1. Radio stations with a bad record of an exodus of OAPs – While it’s sometimes normal for OAPs to leave their place of work at some point in his/her career due to several reasons, any station that is not capable of retaining her OAPs for a long time most especially the big ones cannot compete. In fact, When you can count the numbers of OAPs that have left a radio station in the space of 1year, it’s a red flag.

A good radio station is not about the building, it’s about the personality of the OAPs on the station, so if all the presenters are leaving as they are coming in, all of them can not be wrong at the same, there must be something within the system that is pushing them out.

If you know any radio station like this, run away from them before you join the list of presenters that will be having a short stint there which may not be too good for your CV and brand.

  1. Radio stations that change Station Managers like clothes – There is a radio station here that has used at least 4 station managers in the last 2 years. when a station changes managers every time, it tells a lot about the structure of the station and there is no way it will not affects the growth of the station. when the station is not growing, the OAPs can not grow. I am sure you wouldn’t want to find yourself in a place where you cannot grow

A new station manager will come in and build his own templates only for him to go and another person to come in and most likely change the templates on the ground to his own. if this cycle continues, it will frustrate the OAPs and might make you lose focus

  1. Radio stations where the CEO has no successful business record or thinks he’s helping the OAPs – If the CEO cannot sustain his business before being given a radio license, there is a big chance that he/she will find it difficult to sustain the radio station as well. operating a successful radio station involves adequate funding, hiring professionals, and putting in place the right structures. If he/she cannot do this, the station will fail and it will affect the presenters.

Many Millionaires are just buying the radio license to belong to the caucus of radio station owners, most of them are not ready to do the radio business the way it should be done.

And above all, if the CEO is telling his/her OAPs “we are helping you” and not considering the OAPs’ efforts to “help the station”, there is a big tendency that such a CEO will have no respect for the OAPs

  1. Radio stations that turn OAPs into compulsory marketers – The primary task of an OAP is to create content that is appealing to the audience and think about how to drive the content. it’s wrong for an OAP to be thinking of creating content and still be looking for customers, many of them will find it difficult to balance the two sides.

While I admit that a presenter should use his/her clout to make money for the station, making it a MUST and part of his/her responsibilities is wrong. A friend once told me how her station gave her a rate card to go and look for clients just after 1month of resumption, she was shocked. if a station cannot tell the marketers to go on radio and present shows, then it is wrong to tell the presenters to go for marketing.

The primary duty of an OAP is to create content that can sell, he/she needs all the concentration to achieve this. Let the station hire competent marketers that can sell the content the OAPs are producing. A station that will turn her presenters into marketers should be avoided

  1. Radio stations with a record of owing salaries – This is arguably the biggest menace in the industry, it’s so terrible and unfortunately, many OAPs are suffering in silence.

We work so that we can settle our bills, as an OAP you need rest of mind before you can think of good content. There is no way you will concentrate if you are being owed a backlog of salaries that runs into months. The welfare of the OAPs should be paramount in the mind of any station owner, if he/she doesn’t care about your welfare, run as far as your leg can carry you when this station approaches you, don’t fall for the sweet talk.

  1. Radio stations that the CEO has no other source of income – It’s an open secret that whenever a new station is set up, a period of at least 6months to – 1year is expected to break even in terms of making money to sustain the station. during this period of waiting, the station C.E.O must find other ways to run the station and must even continue with the self-funding when there is a need for it.

The station might run into financial problems if the CEO does not have an alternative source(s) of income and might also be forced to use the money from the station’s purse for his personal needs

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