Zainab Olayiwola Appointed as the new Marketing manager of Adamimogo 105.FM

The management of Adamimogo 105.1FM has recently appointed Zainab Olayiwola, widely recognized as Atokeadunnbarin as the new Marketing Manager of the station.

She previously served as the media Executive at Jam FM and now holds the position of Marketing Manager at Adamimogo 105.1FM.

Adamimogo 105.1 FM, Radio station based in Ibadan, dedicated to broadcasting seasoned programs 24 hours non stop.

Zainab hosts a program titled “Iriri Awero” (The Bleeding Heart of Single Mothers) on Jamz 100.1 FM every Monday from 8 to 9 PM. During the show, she provides a supportive platform for single mothers, offering them a shoulder to lean on.

Iya la je has consistently shown unwavering dedication to her profession, making valuable contributions to the life of her audience.

Primus Media City extends heartfelt wishes for continued success in her new endeavor.

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