Yemi Sonde Clears Air on Yes FM Ownership Rumours

Ace broadcaster and owner of the fast-rising radio station, Yes 101.7 FM, Mr. Yemi Sonde has dispelled rumours concerning ownership of the broadcast outfit, stressing that no one or politician contributed to the establishment and heretofore funding of the organization.

Sonde made this assertion while reacting to questions on the radio station’s vision and objectives, pointing out that Yes FM is established, basically to benefit mankind by educating, entertaining and adequately informing Nigerian people on matters of public and current interests.

He stated that nobody contributed money to the establishment of Yes FM, as he deliberately wanted to avoid undue interference in the policy of the station, even though he has many top politician friends who could have offered help if approached.

“Yes FM is out to disseminate information and perform other relevant duties, making objectivity and fairness to all, the focal point of its activities, while creating an atmosphere where the people come first and things work”.

He expressed determination to succeed with Yes FM, stating that “thorough research and feasibility studies were done, with systematic income generation ideas formulated to ensure that we’re far from farce and Yes FM has come to stay”.

Sonde added that effective administration is key, just as a decent work environment and motivation are necessary, to gain human capital commitment from all characters involved and ensure that lofty heights are attained constantly.

He spoke at length on the establishment of Yes FM, reiterating that no politician has a dime or reserve ownership right on the radio station, just as no one gave the idea to establish Yes FM to him.

“This Station is not established to the front for any politician, I have all top politicians anyone can talk of, from various Parties as close friends, but we shall be fair and objective in the way we do our job without allowing anyone to influence or dictate to us”, Sonde said.

While giving an appraisal of the broadcast media industry, Sonde said the media industry in Nigeria has contributed a lot to nation building, declaring, however, that Yes FM has come with many innovations, aiming to further rsise the bar.

He also expressed appreciation for the ever-increasing number of listening and on-line viewing audience of the Station, assuring that the organization would always go the extra mile to satisfy and induce them to patronize Yes 101.7 FM.


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