Why I now pay for my dates with men — Media personality, Oiza

Nigerian media personality, Oiza has revealed why she now sponsors her dates with men.

According to her, she was embarrassed on her first date because the man she went out with was short of funds and she couldn’t help.

She said since then she vowed to sponsor her dates with men.

The Kogi-born social media influencer disclosed this via her Twitter page recently.

She said after the incident, she went on a date-paying spree with men.

She wrote, “My first dinner date. I told my guy I’ve never had a proper dinner date, on Val’s day he took me to RSVP.

“The bill came, it was more than the money on his card; he was doing a transfer from another account to the card account when his phone went off. I felt useless.

“I was so broke I couldn’t help. Promised myself never again! I dnt ever want to be that woman that couldn’t say “oh let’s use my card” or “here is some cash for balance”

“Went on date paying spree with guys after then, maybe to wash off that first dinner shame.”


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