Veteran Journalist, Olalekan Adigun Comes Hard on Tinubu, Predicts his Fate in 2023

Activities of the national leader of the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu, have been condemned by a Nigerian journalist Olalekan Adigun said Tinubu and his supporters perceive the former Lagos state governor as a political god According to Adigun, Tinubu’s “so-called” empire will crumble and the 2023 general election would see to that.

A veteran journalist, Olalekan Adigun, has condemned the activities of the supporters of the national leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Bola Tinubu. Adigun while speaking on Monday, April 18, showing desperation for power, the supporters of Tinubu has told anyone who cares to listen that the former Lagos state governor single-handedly installed the current administration.

Adigun, a veteran journalist has cautioned the supporters of the national leader of the APC. Noting that there is no empire in the world that lasts forever, Adigun said Tinubu’s supporters believe that he is politically invincible.

“Tinubu’s empire, to them, is waxing stronger when it’s actually crumbling. Nobody is telling him just yet or truthful enough to him that the ground has shifted beneath him since 2015 when he thought to overstretch his so-called empire. “In 2015, in trying to prove his political invincibility after the presidential election, he thought about gaining control of the leadership of the National Assembly.”

Adigun further said that even while controlling the legislature, the national leader of the APC thought he would automatically take control of the ruling party but has been left devasted.

Adigun said Tinubu had thought he would take control of the state.

He said: “The emperor of a crumbling empire later took his sights on Kogi state. The APC had a bright chance of winning the Kogi gubernatorial election in 2015.

“Former Governor Abubakar Audu won the party’s ticket and Tinubu lobbied for one of his boys, James Faleke, a member of the House of Representatives representing Ikeja, Lagos to be Audu’s running mate.”

He alleged that Tinubu knew about Audu’s failing health but thought with Faleke he would effectively get to control Kogi.

His words: “As fate will have it, Audu died just before the elections were concluded with APC in clear lead. The debate as to who inherits his votes arose. “It was up to the APC leadership to decide. Tinubu’s boy Faleke was everywhere insisting he should be the one to inherit Audu’s vote being the running mate.” “

“The law was clear on the matter that the votes should go to the runner up in the APC primary. This was how the party picked Yahya Bello, the current Governor of the state. Tinubu again left Kogi empty-handed.”

Adigun also made references to other states where the APC national leader tried to foist his power but failed due to unforeseen circumstances.

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