Trouble in Paradise…Crisis already brewing in one of the new Radio stations in Ibadan

It’s so sad and devastating to learn that one of the new generation radio stations in Ibadan that seems to be very promising is starting on a very wrong footing. Sources claim different shades of crisis are already brewing in the relatively new station.

It is alleged that two of their administrative staff have resigned in the last few hours while some others are just bidding their time, and all things being equal some of them should be turning in their own resignations too any time soon.

Allegations levied against the new outfit includes unfulfilled promises, back tracking on agreement and unilateral slashing of salaries. While it could be argued or excused that all these are teething state challenges.

It is however worrisome and unfortunate that sexual harassment is also named as one of the many demons at work in the new establishment. It is even more disturbing to hear that one of the top management staff of the station is alleged to be the main character at the center of the sexual misconducts allegation.

We hope and sincerely pray this allegations are not true, but then we shall have our eyes fix on them, as it is part of our mandate at Primus to protect the sanctity of the media industry and its practitioners.

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