Toba Opaleye Lives On as Yes FM Starts Test Transmission on Monday, March 7

Toba Opaleye lives on…
(hence the exclusive nomenclature of Yes FM studio: “Toba Opaleye Live Studio”).

It is of no sheer coincidence that the 101.7 Yes! FM live studio is named after the legendary, Atobatele Tajudeen Iyeru omo Opaleye “Oopi” the Alakoso of Owu Igosun.

Yemi Sonde Jigan Akala has been immortalizing his highly revered Boss and mentor in the hearts and sounds of folks who are incandescent about the Broadcasting profession, most especially his fans, allies and family.

Toba Opaleye who Yemi Sonde sees as his broadcasting hero even till death crossed his path in 1989 and walked up to him to learn under his tutelage at the Ogun State Broadcasting Corporation, Yemi will say “Toba Opaleye kọ mí bi Carpenter ṣe n kọ ọmọ ikose bi eso o ṣe ni tẹ” amongst many of his eulogies to the late Icon.

Yemi Sonde also disclosed that the “Deen” of entertainment in his signature or broadcasting panegyrics was coined from “Tajudeen” one of the names of his late Boss.

Toba Opaleye’s name is and personality was synonymous to quality broadcasting, creative presentation and professionally inclined deliveries, a storyteller of note and musical chitchat hero.

Immortalizing the late Opaleye is not something accidentally done by his protege, Yẹmi Sonde, it has been Yemi Sonde’s Anthem in every testimony about his adventures in the media world, his rise to stardom, achievement and heights in his chosen field. Yemi Sonde is not ashamed to identify with Toba Opaleye in all his on & off air presentations, no wonder when you get to the gallery in the Media Empire of Yẹmi Sonde where we have some Icons placed across and on the walls of the floors at the media house, Toba Opaleye’s picture was placed at the major entrance of the Studios and / or the rooms housing all broadcasting gadgets in the media house, Toba Opaleye’s picture in the middle while Gbenga Adeboye and Kola Olawuyi’s pictures accompanied the legend whose protege will forever immortalized.

101.7 Yes FM live studio bears the name of Toba Opaleye, which I believe will be mentioned countless times daily on every presentation coming out of the divinely established radio station.

Yemi Sonde Jigan Akala has done something similar to the immortalizing his boss when he was signing off on all radio stations he had presented, by saying “thank you” & also the “pabanmbari” which is very nice from a person with great pedigree and street Credibility; “Collaboration not competition” a very rare word from a fulfilled Broadcaster and Mediapreneur, trust me “koseleri”.

Toba Opaleye lives on…
101.7 Yes FM studio is christened “Toba Opaleye Live Studio”

Immortality is to live your life doing good things, and leaving your mark behind.

Tune to 101.7 Yes FM on Monday 7th March, 2022 by 7am to listen to the first voice on the Test transmission.

Adedamola Ajiboye writes….

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