The Incorrigible Novices in Ibadan Radio Industry

By: Israel Babalola

It’s a thing of joy in the largest city of the western part of Africa, Ibadan, to keep enlarging its coast, particularly when it comes to radio industry. The pace at which radio drives in the city is very incredible and amazing. What a nice season for the brown-roof city!

The advent of Splash 105.5 FM birthed other private owned radio stations in the city till this moment. As at present, other private owned radio station such as Space FM, Fresh FM, Lagelu FM, 32FM, Petals fm, Naija fm, Star fm, Raypower fm, R2 fm, Agidigbo fm, Inspiration FM, Lead Radio, IBR, among others are rightly placed at some strategic joint of the city doing what they’re carved to do in the society. At the moment, radio is now a lucrative business many ventures into, maybe as a means to get their personal interest, monetary factor, or society aims.

As a result of the rapid add-up of radio stations and soon to be licensed radio stations in the city, many which I termed ‘incorrigible novices’ has through miniature hole taken over the industry, not as practitioners but as founders of the platform. Thus, radio creation in Ibadan is now a thing of how wealthy and rich you are to afford one, not necessarily considering the basic essence of radio in the community or government.

It’s very pitiable that the changes in the radio industry are imperceptible to many media observers, enthusiasts and practitioners. This incorrigible novices founder of radio are just like wood termites that fall in no time a well structured wood construction.

More so, many media practitioners who are opportune to have a radio platform consciously or unconsciously falls into the category of this incorrigible novice founders in the city. Many easily carve program schedules for themselves while they abuse the universal essence of radio and also promote their own personal interest as a radio owner. They are to decide on whatever happens on their radio station. No wonder we have noise making radio stations!

One of the reasons we have stagnant society is the failure of radio which is as a result of the novice founders buzzing the industry with no prior idea of the ethical standard the industry is based on. Even if I’m opportune to have a radio station, it’s better I have good managerial hands and make effective use of the team and not to lord your desires or personal interest over the team, hence, they become useless.

At this perilous time in the city, the regime of novice founders need to go to extinct if and only if we want the primary aim of radio to be well established in the community. Radio should embrace neutrality, credibility, among others. In the next few years, this incorrigible novice founders will be in folds and pollution on Ibadan radio will be inevitable.

However, this novice founders I termed ‘incorrigible’ have taken the path they want to trend. Aristotle said, ‘the primary aim of life is happiness. ‘ So if they found happiness in how they operate their radio station, what then can we do to have an ideal radio station s?. Radio establishment is beyond making money or how wealthy. Well, I am just an indefatigable advocate of a standard Ibadan radio.

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