The Dangers of Media Practitioners Devoid of Social Media Presence

Olajumoke Okunade

In recent years, with the expansion of technology and the discovery of the television and the radio; a career in the media house, broadcasting, and communications industry has begun to look very promising.

Media practitioners have proven to be a force to reckon with over time.
Unarguably, television and radio broadcasters are luminaries in a class of their own. One way to be the best in media practice is to be able reach out to the world at large.

What better way to reach out to the world than the use of social media. Social media enables people to be able to reach out to the world and have the world reach out to them. There is hardly a more effective way to do this, asides through the use of social media. Media practitioners who lack social media presence, will only find themselves stuck and not being able to make simple progress.

The fame and reputation of someone who has social media presence will vary greatly from someone who doesn’t (considering that they have the same skill set). This applies also in active media practice. Fame and reputation in a media-related career is as important as the eyes are to a surgeon.

A paradigm shift in a media practitioner’s career could largely depend on social media presence. A lack of it would directly mean stagnancy in such a career.
Like a farmer without his hoe so is a media practitioner without social media presence; it produces little or no result.

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