SPONSORED: OOK Group’s “Grow What You Eat” Initiative to Inspire Secondary School Students in Oyo State to Embrace Agriculture

OOK Group, operator of OOK Farms Radio/TV, a leading agricultural company in Nigeria, is set to launch its “Grow What You Eat” initiative on September 30th, 2023, at the University of Ibadan Conference Center. The program aims to inspire secondary school students in Oyo State and beyond to embrace agriculture and combat food insecurity.

With participation from twenty selected schools, the “Grow What You Eat” initiative will equip students from Junior Secondary School 1 to Senior Secondary School 3 with farming skills, teaching them to cultivate five different vegetables in mesh bags or buckets. The program will simplify farming techniques for the youth, making it easier and more accessible for them to get involved in agriculture.

Mrs. Omolara Svensson, the Group Managing Director of OOK, and her team introduced the initiative to schools like Abadina College, Bishop Onabanjo School, Loyola College, Nihort, and Government College Ibadan, all of which enthusiastically support the initiative and offer their farmland for practical learning.

The “Grow What You Eat” initiative is a timely and important intervention, as Nigeria faces a number of challenges related to food security. According to the World Food Programme, over 23 million people in Nigeria are facing hunger. The initiative will help to address this challenge by empowering young people to grow their own food and become more self-sufficient.

In addition to teaching students how to grow their own food, the “Grow What You Eat” initiative will also promote entrepreneurship and job creation. Students will learn how to market and sell their produce, and some may even choose to pursue a career in agriculture.

The “Grow What You Eat” initiative is a commendable example of corporate social responsibility. OOK Group is investing in the future of Nigeria by empowering young people to become the next generation of farmers. The program is set to make a significant impact on food security and job creation in Oyo State and beyond.

Primus Media City wish the team a successful adventure.

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