SPFS Television to Begin Full Online Transmission in Ibadan

The first African’s Agricultural Television in the historical line of Africa under the management of Oluwatobi Oduntan set to begin full Online Television program earlier February after some weeks of testing transmission.

The founder of SPFS TV Who is also the founder of Survival Farm Poultry Service after which the television is named after in an interview with newsmen in Ibadan yesterday. He unveiled this courageous motion officially.

He said mindfully that the vision grew up on his heart yesteryear looking towards promoting agricultural sector and opening eyes of the youths to the fact that venturing into agricultural is nothing but a road to Damascus for Africa youth and Nigeria youths in special.

“Looking at the fact that people in the Agricultural Sector are not been celebrated for the impact make in the life of nation’s is worrisome and this has been many years ago been a urgly image ever that makes people think Agricultural Sector is an hazardous zone to venture into”. He said.

He made it known to us on a Watsapp interview made with Radio Reporter yesterday that is mission on SPFS Television is to enlighten people on the Agriculture as a lucrative day_to_day job that pays alot and putting them on a track that leads to making a great income on their farm.

When asked about the future plans on the Television station. He said “The future is colourful. Because we look towards expanding our program beyond online television but also on all decoders like Gotv, DStv by the grace of God”.

Presently, SPFS is on all social media outlet.

By:Oyetunde Alabi Akinloye

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