Social Media Influencing: The hottest career for Nigerian Teens

By Israel Babalola

Social media influencing is without doubt one way many people make money, fame, ambassadorial recognitions, etc., in this 21st century. It has become a main job for many Nigerians, particularly the teenagers. Many teenagers in Nigeria are envied because of the good work and positive impact of good knowledge they have opted for in the society through influencing.

Nigerian Teenagers have become addicted to online interactions, claiming that social media helps them stay connected with friends they do not see often. They also claim that social media allows them to make new friends online, find jobs and business opportunities, obtain self -fulfillment and importance, achieve great expectation, fame, pay attention to health-related issues and draw from people’s well of knowledge.

Also, social media provides efficient ways for education; people use social media as a platform for E-learning in order to develop communication skills and improve their learning skills. Thus, many teenagers have given themselves to such task, as to provide a means by which the society becomes enlightened and informed, while they seek social justice and keep the moral standard of the community with their diverse depth of knowledge on various beats of human way of life.

Social media influencing does not require any strict criteria in order to enhance its essence other than the ability to create an intellectually sound content and get it to the reach of people which enables positive and lasting engagement on social media platforms.

Many teenagers who have good writing skills, humorous acting skills, good communication skills, etc., are filling the social media with their talents by captivating audience to themselves and generating good traffic that a brand or company would love to be a part of, so as to be able to reach out to the society.

In Nigeria, a good example is Emmanuella. Emmanuella is such a young girl who has prudently and efficiently captured the heart of many on social media with her comedy skits. Also, not forgetting the ‘calming down saga’ social media gave the little boy an edge amidst his counterparts, and he’s currently doing well on and off social media. The well known Instagram comedian, Taaooma started her skits with dedication and consistency as a teenager, and now she is the talk of the day. Hence, social media influencing is one of the hottest careers for Nigerian teenagers

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