Social Media Followers: The Crude Oil of this Generation

By Israel Babalola

On every social media space, one priority common to individuals, businesses, organizations, companies, etc., is getting traffic; that is, building followers in all capacity, because followers have great influence on the progress and measure of productivity expected to grow. Your social media followers, if well managed, can either be a boost to, or birth the downfall of one’s career: a sensitive part of social media that needs proper attention.

It could be well stated that gaining followers to your social media page is the key to reaching your prospective audience although, it might be one of the hardest things to achieve. Gaining followers on social media is a task that needs concentration, consistency and dedication both to build and to sustain. No one on social media, especially those created for business purposes are insatiable in gaining traffic / followers.

Having active followers to your social media handles primarily enhances the rate of engagement on your posts, and brings people who promote you for free which saves you from paying for adverts through some other means. Good content without followers brings forth nothing to such organization; the good management of followers coupled with good content creation makes your social media page interesting and relatable to the users.

The presence of the social media followers is like crude oil, no Online Presence Manager dares take with levity, instead quality attention is given to building it. In Nigeria, many users with proper understanding cannot do without celebrating their number of followers, and this stands as a form of appreciation, because they know so well that their followers are the pay they earn.

However, many followers on social media handles can be so scurrilous at times in their reactions through the comment section and other means. It’s true that everyone has a right to express their opinions; on many occasions particularly in Nigeria, social media followers have the power to fuel un-neccesary disagreement between individual persons. Followers’ negative reactions to posts might be really hard to control.

Engaging with followers is easier said than done. It demands a lot of hard work to increase the scope of engagement with your followers. If you aspire to manage your followers well you will face many challenges in generating a decent engagement rate. All the same, social media followers are the fame and the wages of all active users and influencers. Many users strive so hard by all means, to generate followers on their social media handles. Everyone wants his/her followers to increase on a daily basis: the out-cry is followers.

Also, having a higher number of followers gives you more credibility, an upper hand / an edge in whatever you do as an active user or Influencer; your posts on your social networks will, most likely get more shares, likes and comments. This is one reason you can easily identify someone with fake followers, because buying followers is simply getting fake people or bots who don’t exist. Definitely, they can’t do what the existing ones do on social media accounts. So, active users, organizations, businesses and companies put priority on gaining large number followers on their social media handles.

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