Smart Phone: A Money Making Machine

By Olajumoke Okunade

Communication across seas and borders has evolved over the years. From telegrams, to fax machines, to land phones and cellular phones, the smart phone has proven to be the king of them all (at least for the moment) and without doubt living up to its name and being ‘smart’. The smart phone has made life easier for many people over the years and, has turned into a Money Making Machine without any illegality.

Accessing several opportunities from around the world has never been easier for many. This includes income-generating opportunities. Certainly, the smart phone has become a small office for many people around the globe to make money, without disrupting their regular stream of income / monthly stipends.

Users of smartphones have found ways to make money and provide for themselves, one of which includes e-commerce. E-commerce is a promising industry that has served the needs of thousands of people. Buying and selling of many goods takes place on the internet, and the smart phone is the most affordable means of accessing the internet for many low and medium class earners.

Working remotely and freelancing has also become a source of income for experts and professionals over the last few years. Communicating with employers and clients for most freelancers and remote workers happens through the smart phone.

Asides from the people whowho make money through the use of smartphones, software developers of several applications that operate on the smartphone also make money through software development for the use of millions of people all over the world. The details of how they make their money might not be so obvious to many but, a certainly undisputable fact is that they are not doing it for charity.

There is no gain-saying, the fact that the smartphone despite it’s numerous disadvantages, has been really helpful to those who can optimize the potentials it yields fully. There are legal jobs out there, that everyone can do and earn for a living, all that’s only required is a smartphone and a reliable network connection, as well as the ability to operate well without any physical presence in office.

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