See reactions as Fans Disagree with Kenny Ogunmiloro on use of Fashion Accessories

Radio Fans and media observers have disagreed with Popular Nigerian Sportscaster, and TV host Kenny Ogunmiloro over his opinion on the use of Fashion accessories.

The Fresh FM Nigeria OAP, Ogunmiloro stated in a post shared on his social media handle that fashion accessories are just fashion choices and not character indicators.

According to his post, “Tinted hair, dreads, waist beads, leg chain, anklets, nose rings, multiple earrings, studs, etc are just FASHION CHOICES and not CHARACTER INDICATORS

“know this and know PEACE

“Stop crucifying and stop judging people by their look.

Meanwhile, most radio fans and media observers has disagreed with Kenny Ogunmiloro on his post.

See reactions here

Desmond Roland reacted, “Our chaplain back then in secondary school used to tell us that “appearance is the first letter of recommendation” and that has been a culture I have cultivated since then.
Though I don’t really judge those who do all these fashion stuffs but I personally don’t fancy them.

King Olushola Oyetunde D said, “Yoruba so wipe irisini ni is eni lojo. Bro don’t compare yourself with the people of the world.
You can’t dress in a bad way or in a way you yourself know that ko pon mi le and you want to preach the gospel or evangelise to people, the first thing they will look at is the way you dress and unfortunately if the person you want to preach to didn’t dress in a good manner and you that want to preach didn’t dress well you yourself will not have the confidence and you will not be comfortable to preach to the person.

Phassy Law Wordsmith also said, “Ogunmiloro Kenny Samson

My brother, I love to read your post, all the time. We need to get some things right.

No matter where we meet someone, be it in a professional or private setting, the first thing that we notice about them is their appearance. However, despite the harsh fact that this statement seems shallow, it is true nonetheless.

Our brains have been hardwired to evaluate a person’s looks and draw certain conclusions or biases based on it. All of this happens instinctively and we don’t realize this. As a result, we don’t even attempt to override the action. This is Africa where we pay attention to a lot of things.

I don’t have any problem with anybody tinting the hair or beard, using waist bead, leg chain, neck chain, pierced noise, stud, multiple earrings, hand chains, with tattoos, etc. Having any or all of these pass some messages, directly or indirectly.

First impression of people about us goes a long way. That is where professional ethics come in, in terms of dressing. For example, a male doctor or a lawyer will look funny with tinted hair, stud, multiple earrings or whatever. In fact, some people may doubt their professionalism mere seeing them in that look. Likewise, there should be moderation on the part of journalists in dressing too.

Many youths see you as a role model to them both online and physically. Yes, we are free to express our fashion sense and choice but could land one in traumatic experience and brutality if moderation is missing out. For example, we would have seen cases of those arrested while traveling by road, they have nothing implicating on them but their dressings create suspicion around them.

You are entitled to your opinion, so is everyone reading this particular post too. But the point is, a lot of youths see you as their model. You are raising tomorrow’s leaders, either in sport broadcasting, authorship, religious wise, business wise and in other endeavours.
All the best!

Phassy Law Wordsmith

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