Ijoba Sports Emerges Media Officer of Adeyemi FC, Bows Out of Crest FM

Renowned journalist and content creator, Olusola Alabi, known as “Ijoba Sports,” reveals his strategic shift from radio to explore diverse opportunities in sports journalism.

In an engaging online discussion with friends, Ijoba Sports clarifies his departure from radio, emphasizing that journalism extends beyond broadcasting. He expresses confidence in the decision, citing the vast potential for sports broadcasters outside the traditional radio landscape.

Hailing from Osun, the dynamic journalist underscores the multitude of avenues available for sports broadcasters, expressing contentment with the decision to unlock new possibilities.

Notably, Ijoba Sports has taken on the role of media officer for Ibadan-based professional football club, Adeyemi FC, owned by Karim Adeyemi of Borussia Dortmund.

Detailing his broader aspirations in sports journalism, he shares, “My dream is to lead the media department of a reputable football club. Working with Adeyemi FC is a pivotal step, and I’m not limiting my ambitions.”

Having enrolled in a sports management course, Ijoba Sports aims to diversify his skills. He advocates for a forward-thinking approach, asserting, “Understanding the future and embracing diversity is crucial. Fame isn’t the goal; it’s about securing a good life and future.”

Emphasizing the evolving landscape of sports journalism, he encourages colleagues to broaden their perspectives. “Certified scout and agent aspirations are part of my focus. Journalism transcends radio commentary,” adds Ijoba Sports.

Known for his unique Ìjèsà dialect sports commentary on social media, he adds an innovative layer to his professional journey, showcasing his commitment to unconventional yet impactful storytelling in the realm of sports journalism.

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