Primus Media City Set to Celebrate Ibadan Media Industry



On the 5th of September 2018, Primus Media City stepped out to fulfill a vision to expand the frontiers of the Nigerian broadcast media with research, trainings and application. Today, we celebrate three years of meaningful and impactful existence with utmost appreciation from our targets and the larger public. To mark this 3rd anniversary, we are happy to announce a special Award series, the Primus Broadcast Media Awards, as our crusade to continue to safeguard the future of our dear media industry.

Usually, professional awards and recognitions are the reserve of veterans, men and women who have consistently distinguished themselves in their chosen carrier. The goal of this new Award series is to recognize promising and diligent younger practitioners, encourage and position them for value-added growth that will seek to rectify some observed anomalies in the industry. It is specifically designed for broadcast practitioners between ages 21-30 years and will be a biennial event with the first edition this December.

Though the Primus Media City has a global mandate, the focus of this first edition of her Awards is on Radio Broadcasting in Ibadan, the Nigerian Ancient City of Firsts. There will be twenty (20) defined professional categories to be unveiled in subsequent publications. A carefully selected 50-man jury will independently decide the winners of each category all based on incontrovertible facts. The Star Category will feature nominations for the ‘Presenter of the Year’ Award with the winner clinching a juicy cash award. This project will be supervised by Dr. Louisa B. Andah, an astute media professional and academician with high integrity and resourcefulness. Her supervision is geared towards ensuring credibility by all standards.

We welcome partnerships, collaborations and sponsorships by all as we birth this strategic project designed to ensure a professionally secure media and treasure to humanity.

For further details, kindly reach us on our social media platforms @primusmediacity; via our email: or call us on 08162746129.

Thank you.

Afouda Samuel
(Project Coordinator)

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