Primus Chief Publisher, Afouda, Responds to Ayegbajeje’s Allegations: “Stop trying to Censor us, we are not for you alone”

In a recent development, Primus Chief Publisher, Mr. Afouda Samuel, has responded to allegations made by Mr. Shola Ayegbajeje regarding the publication of a story involving Vintage FM. Afouda defends Primus’ commitment to journalistic ethics and recounts the process leading to the publication of the story.

According to Afouda, Primus reached out to Ayegbajeje for confirmation after hearing he left Vintage FM, and upon receiving his account, sought Vintage FM’s perspective as well. Both narratives were then published without distortion, supported by evidence in written and audio formats. Afouda emphasizes Primus’ dedication to impartial reporting without judgment.

“At Primus, we report on the reporters; we don’t judge or express our opinions on issues. Our focus is solely on reporting. We do not aim to tarnish the image of any media practitioner or media outlet; rather, we celebrate them. This is our mission: to protect the sanctity, showcase the beauty, and promote the interests of the media.


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Ayegbajeje Accuses Afouda of Mischief, Alleges Intentional Distortion in Blog Interview

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Shola Ayegbajeje expected us to publish only his version of the story without giving an opportunity to hear from the other party or present their perspective. I can confidently assert that Mr. Shola Ayegbajeje was accurately quoted without any ambiguity.

Ayegbajeje reportedly requested the story’s removal due to negative comments after it went viral. However, Afouda deemed such an action counterproductive and advised Ayegbajeje to submit a rejoinder with evidence supporting his claims. As they worked on this, attention was drawn to Ayegbajeje’s interview on another blog, leading to a pause in the process.

Afouda asserts Primus’ commitment to professionalism, fairness, and growth, emphasizing their role in reporting facts and avoiding bias. He urges Ayegbajeje and all media practitioners to understand their dedication to integrity.

In a broader message to the media community, Afouda calls for an end to attempts to influence Primus’ reporting, asserting that they are for everybody and nobody. He highlights Primus’ PR services but makes it clear that these services do not permit censorship.

“That being said, I will like to seize this medium to address all media practitioners and media outlets;
Stop trying to tell us not to publish a true story. Stop accusing us of working for your “opponents” Stop alleging that we are deliberately ignoring your brand. We are for everybody and we are for nobody, and integrity is our watchword.

The editor concludes by urging media practitioners and outlets to refrain from hindering Primus’ editorial independence, stating firmly, “STOP TRYING TO CENSOR PRIMUS. “We run PR Services, which allows you to promote your brand on our page . BUT PLEASE NOTE, the PR services does not permit you to tell us what not to post about your brand. STOP TRYING TO CENSOR PRIMUS.

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