Popular Radio Analyst, Austine Idumo’s car snatched at gunpoint in Ibadan

Popular socio-political analyst on Ibadan radio, Mr. Austine Idumo was attacked by armed robbers at the early hours of today, Thursday 22nd April, around 6:30am.

According to report gathered by Primus Media City, the robbery attack took place at Iyana Church area of Ibadan, on his way to a radio programme for his usual analysis at Impact Business Radio (IBR) 92.5 FM, Ibadan. Although no casualty was recorded, and properties lost were his wife’s phone, food bag, slippers and his Toyota Corolla Sports car that were carted away.

Speaking with Primus Media, Mr. Idumo said “my wife wanted to drop me at IBR and she needed to give me something from her bag before she realised she didn’t remember to take the bag from home. Along that line, we just saw a Toyota Camry pencil coming from Iyana Church area, which double crossed us because we already parked.

“As they double crossed us, they came down from the car and shot into the air, 2 people came down from the car but their driver didn’t come down. One was wearing a military camouflage…they ordered my wife to come down, they dragged her down, slapped her…my own door was still open before the one that entered our car, closed it from the driver’s side and sped off back to Iyana Church area.

Austine Idumo is one of very brainy and logical Socio-political analyst, who regularly feature on 32fm 94.9, IBR 92.5 FM among others.

Primus Media City prays that all lost shall be regained in folds and urge concerned authorities to please urgently address the rising spate of insecurity in the State.

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