Popular Actor Ademola Richard Amoo Advocates for Professionalism in the Broadcasting Industry

Ademola Richard Amoo, a distinguished full-time actor, compere, and former Presenter with the Broadcasting Corporation of Oyo State (BCOS TV), has spoken out about his concerns regarding the blurring lines between entertainment and journalism.

In a recent statement, he shared his thoughts on the need for a more structured and regulated system in the Broadcasting industry, emphasizing the importance of maintaining professionalism.

Amoo began by expressing his views, saying, “My 2 cents come not from a place of envy or hate, but with a desire for a restored enviable standard of practice, a well-structured and regulated system of operations, and the exhibition of a high level of professionalism.”

In particular, Amoo directed his message towards fellow creatives, with a specific focus on actors. He encouraged those in the entertainment industry to leave the business of journalism, broadcasting, and presenting to the professionals. He posed the question, “Must we all join the Podcast wagon? Must we all talk and have talk shows in our names? Haba! If you must, why not LEARNNNNNNN?”

Amoo’s concerns extended to the world of hosting and anchoring, as he pointed out that being a seasoned On-Air Personality (OAP) doesn’t automatically qualify someone for the role of a Master of Ceremony. He stressed that there is a reason it is called “PRESENTATION” (ÀGBÉKALÈ), and that professionalism and expertise should be at the forefront.

Meanwhile, his statement raises important questions about the boundaries within the entertainment industry and the importance of maintaining a clear distinction between different roles.

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