People and Places: Bayo Faleke takes up another challenge, begins new series (SEE VIDEO)

Popular Ibadan based ace broadcaster and entertainer, CEO, TV Afrikana, Dr. Adebayo Faleke has taken up another challenge as he started new series of a programme titled “PEOPLE and PLACES”. As gathered by Primus Media City, the programme is to primarily bring cultures and tourist attractions to door steps of the people through TV Afrikana.

Dr. Bayo in a chat with Primus Media City, explicitly explained the motivation and brain behind the new programme series, “PEOPLE and PLACES. “What motivated my new program is simply PEOPLE and PLACES. I found out that there are different people in different places on the surface of the earth with different cultures. Some cultures are strange and funny to some other people in other regions. My motivation comes from my desire to bring the cultures and tourist attractions in all over the world to the door steps of my audience.

Click Here to See Video: PEOPLE and PLACES

“What I really want to achieve with my new program is to get my audience informed about the people and fascinating features in places all over the world. I want to use this program as an eye opener for Nigerian government and other African government to know the degree at which tourism Can boost our economy” He said.

“The zeal and passion I have for the program will definitely help to sustain it. “Where there’s a will, there’s a way”. With the quality and the expartes of people in my team in Kakkaki radio and Tv Afrikana, I am confident that this project is sustainable.

“Some companies and business enterprises have started indicating interest to sponsor the program. I know with help of God and man, the fire will keep burning” He added.

Speaking on the release of the series and the commitment of TV Afrikana, ‘We intend to release it fortnightly. Though, the objective of TV Afrikana is to promote African Heritage, that does not mean we will confine our idea to the boundary of Africa. We have to sell African culture to the world and we also need to buy good cultures from other people of the world. Very simple! We take our cultures to them through the same channel we bring their cultures to our people. TV Afrikana has global recognition and that make it easy for her to trade cultures.

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