PANDEMIC AND YOU: The Media Perspective

By Ifeoluwa Iretimidayo

COVID-19 came as a big shock not only to our nation, but to the world at large. Many never believed it’s existence until the early part of this year 2020, when there was a total lockdown all over the world.

The Media, at this point, rose to it’s utmost ability by giving out information to the public, on how well to stay safe as much as possible. It is not enough to say that these moments were the lowest for so many people and businesses, as it was not expected that people would be forced to stay at home for a very long period of time. This brought out the essence of the digital world.

Many people began to appreciate online businesses and virtual meetings were at it’s peak in order to continue businesses at home. Shows were not left out, as celebrities starred their own shows online through video apps and social media. They also donated to charity online as well.

Nigeria was not exempted, as she put in place preventive measures to avert the spread of the dreadful virus as well as a massive awareness through various media platforms. This shows that the media is growing.

The pandemonium caused by covid-19 could be said to have created a number of opportunities and challenges. On one hand, social distancing led to a “higher than usual” level of concentration on the use of media at home, as many people turned to the media for timely and trusted information about the pandemic.

On the other hand, valuable contents were either postponed or cancelled, leading to a drop in daily income for the media.

However, standing on the aforementioned premise with regards to the opportunities the media has been exposed to, one may state that as a result of the pandemic, media coverage consumption was boosted.

We hereby say a big THANK YOU to the Media for delivering a Great job beyond our expectations.

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