Oyo town welcomes its first private station, Dynasty FM, starts Test Transmission

Oyo town has welcomed its first private radio station, Dynasty 89.9 FM, to the airwaves. The station, owned by Engr. Ajisafe Abiodun, commenced broadcasting today, Sunday, October 15, 2023 marking a momentous occasion for the community.

The establishment of Dynasty 89.9 FM shows a significant step forward in the media landscape of Oyo town, providing a platform for local voices and stories to be heard.

Engr. Ajisafe Abiodun, with this visionary initiative, has made a substantial contribution to the cultural and informational enrichment of the town.

This achievement is a source of pride for Oyo town, and its residents are celebrating this moment with enthusiasm.

The radio station is expected to play a vital role in connecting the community, sharing news, and fostering cultural growth.

Congratulations to Engr. Ajisafe Abiodun and the entire Oyo town for this remarkable accomplishment.

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