Opinion Polls: Isaac Brown versus Edmund Obilo


The Mayor

Isaac Brown of Fresh 105.9 FM, Ibadan is one of the most beautiful hands in Ibadan’s Broadcast Industry. He is an ace radio presenter who possesses every necessary experience to drive a successful radio programme.

“The Mayor”, as he is fondly called, anchors two of the most intriguing political programmes on Fresh 105.9 FM (Political Circuit and Crossfire). Until his recent move to Fresh 105.9 FM Ibadan, Isaac Brown has been on Impact Business Radio (IBR) 92.5 FM, Star 91.5 FM and MiTV Ibadan.

Basically, “The Mayor” is a brilliant broadcaster who puts many leaders of our society on their toes with his captivating programmes, and for many years, he has anchored several TV shows, including the popular Gotham City on Galaxy TV.

“The Mayor” is one of the most popular OAPs in Ibadan with lots of recognitions and achievements that has made more people to fall in love with Radio.

His Programme(s):
Political Circuit (Fresh 105.9 FM) Saturdays, 10am-12pm
Crossfire (Fresh 105.9 FM) Sundays, 4pm-6pm
COVID-19 Situation Room (Fresh 105.9 FM) Monday-Friday, 10am


The Radio Man

Edmund Obilo also popularly known as ‘The Radio Man’ is, without any iota of doubt, one of the hottest cakes amidst Ibadan OAPs and Nigeria as a whole. He is an investigative broadcast journalist who possesses logical, clinical and analytical statistics, which has exposed many cases of corruption and dirty businesses both at the state and federal level.

He is of remarkable intelligence especially with regards to broadcasting in Nigeria, using his in-depth analysis on socio-political issues in the country. His political programme “State Affairs” on Splash FM, Ibadan is noted for its thorough investigations, which exposes various cases of corruption and evil acts adopted by leaders in every part of the society, thereby putting them on their toes.

This veteran broadcaster began his radio career as a freelance reporter at the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria, FRCN, Ibadan, until 2007 when he joined Splash 105.5 FM as a sports presenter. He later became the regular anchor and producer of Bull’s Eye, Economic Searchlight, Village Square, Eagle’s Eye, and his well known programme – Voices.

Edmund is indeed an audience booster and a radio traffic creator in Ibadan, Nigeria who has won lots of awards and recognitions both locally and internationally.

His Programme(s):
State Affairs (Splash 105.5 FM) Every Saturdays, 8am-11am

If you can listen to only one of them, who will it be?

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